The purpose of the Old Oakland Neighborhood Association (OONA) is:

Work cooperatively to improve the Old Oakland Neighborhood with regard to appearance, safety, health, and general welfare for all neighborhood residents,
Improve communication, sharing of information interaction between the OONA members, other neighborhood groups, businesses, and governmental bodies, especially as it concerns the interest of the Old Oakland Neighborhood.
Make the Old Oakland Neighborhood and our community at large a better place to live by initiating and/or supporting activities beneficial to all residents, regardless of sex, age, race, religion, or social or economic status,
Maintain and work to improve the great neighborhood image that we all believe we have (including maintenance of neighborhood watch activities).



Willow Rd. on the North
Cawood St. on the East
Dunneback and Westside Park (on Stanely St.) on the West
West Oakland Rd. on the South


2015 Board Members & Committee Descriptions


Jess Averill-Hammond – President – president@oldoaklandlansing.com

The President presides at general membership meetings, helps schedule and organize association meetings, and co-sign checks on behalf of OONA, and breaks ties in votes during board meetings.

Parks Committee Liaison

This committee represents our interests in Dunnebacke and Westside City Parks on Stanley Street. Committee members will help with park work days to do clean up, maintenance, and beautification. The Old Oakland Neighborhood has adopted both parks, and we hope to apply for grants to do work to improve the wetland area in Dunnebacke, make the parks more user-friendly, keep them well maintained, and safe for neighborhood use.

Communication and Events Committee Liaison

The communication and events committee is in charge of getting the word out about neighborhood events and activities.  The committee is responsible for maintaining the website and updating the Facebook page with new information. On certain occasions, they may help distribute paper copies of notices to the residents of Old Oakland.  In addition, this committee gets to help plan our annual neighborhood events like the Spring Egg Hunt, Neighborhood Night Out, the Halloween Harvest Party, and other exciting events.

Vice President – Meredith Maillard – Meredith.maillard@gmail.com

The Vice President conducts meetings when the President is absent and represents the organization when the President is unable to do so.

Secretary – Amanda Dubey-Zerka – dubeyama@gmail.com

The Secretary keeps a record of minutes of all OONA meetings, assumes correspondence duties as required, and maintains files and records as requested by OONA.

Neighborhood Safety Committee Liaison (Amanda Dubey)

The Neighborhood Safety Committee helps to identify safety needs in our neighborhood. They help distribute information and coordinate safety presentations and activities.

Amanda also helps the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Samantha Durrett. Samantha and Amanda communicate with street block captains, distribute information about keeping our homes and property safe, and coordinate any communication with the LPD.

Sean Averill-Hammond – Treasurer – seannhammond@gmail.com

The Treasurer is in charge of receiving and depositing all funds to the OONA bank account, authorized to cosign checks on behalf of OONA, shall make financial report at general membership meetings, shall make financial records available when requested, shall arrange for a yearly audit of the financial records.


The Fundraising Committee is in charge of coordinating events to raise money to support the activities of the Association.  This includes coordinating events with surrounding neighborhood associations, selling concessions at the park, handling donations, selling advertisements in our newsletter, and any other fundraising activities we can think of to support our neighborhood!

At Large Board Members

At Large members serve on the board to ensure effective representation of the neighborhood, assist in tasks with officers as appropriate.

Chere Bergau

Neighborhood Beautification Committee Liaison – Chere Bergau

The Beautification Committee is responsible for projects and tasks around the neighborhood that help keep Old Oakland looking good. This includes planting flowers, maintaining our neighborhood entryway, helping maintain the lawns on properties that are for sale, and decorating for various holiday events.

Peter Fowler – peterdbrannan@gmail.com

Community Garden Committee Liaison (Peter Brannan)

The Community Garden Committee helps make guiding decisions about the Old Oakland Community Garden in Dunnebacke Park. It works to address any problems with the garden, and helps coordinate projects to improve the garden. In addition, it governs how the garden handles excess produce and helps decide on what to plant in common gardening areas.