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In an effort to reach everyone in the neighborhood, we have a few different ways to communicate.  We prefer using digital communication (because it’s free!) but periodically we’ve tried to keep in contact with printed newsletters.

Do you have a message or topic you’d like addressed? Do you have an idea for the neighborhood? Are you interested in participating in any neighborhood activities?

Phone: (517) 325-3797 (supported by voicemail and text messaging)



Facebook: We regularly post neighborhood information here.  Visit, and press the like button.

Twitter: Follow us @Old_Oakland

Neighborhood Signs: A-frame and wire-frame signs will be posted whenever possible to indicate the time and location of upcoming neighborhood events. These will typically be posted at the neighborhood sign and on Stanley Street at the stop sign.

Newsletters: Producing newsletters takes time, and they take money to print, but we know not everyone uses the Internet, so newsletters are important for keeping us connected. When possible or for important information we will try to produce a printed newsletter and deliver it to each door in the neighborhood. Understand that this takes a lot of time and money and is not always possible, but we’ll do our best. If you visit our website (above) you can sign up for an electronically delivered newsletter.